This is a Poem

This is a poem
Because I am a writer
And a writer needs a forum
And forums are for poems
And poems are made of words.
Let me introduce myself
I am a human being
When I look outside my eyes, and I roll my head like this
I see a lot of things
A lot of things that exist.
Sometimes I think we all can see
Sometimes I think it’s only me
And when I think I’m the only one
I find myself thinking
That I should be
Full blown
Not only ready
But willing
And killing it
I ought to be, ought to be on top
I ought to be, ought to be in love
I ought to be knee deep in all those things I dream of
Day in and day out
Spouting my swollen head, spouting the juices out
I ought to be the guy, the gal, I ought to be full on.
I ought to live
I ought to love
Ought to be the one.
They said you were special
They said you were real
They didn’t tell you, you had to be the driver of a car with three wheels.
They didn’t say you had to get out and push, didn’t say you would squeal
Sealed inside with only one way to survive and that means not to die out
Not a whimper but a SHOUT
Didn’t say you didn’t have to turn the other cheek.
Didn’t say you could push, and push and push and push whether it was comfortable or not
Not for I but for YOU
You, who doesn’t know, and me who does
And it’s my job to show you,
To push it in your head
Without your permission,
Without your say
But I’ll do it gently
Cuz it’s my way
To let you down gently
And then to walk away.


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